Dr Bronwyn Edwards


Dr Edwards is a General Practioner with a Masters of Women’s Health. She is also a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practioners and regularly examines new GP’s on behalf of the College who are seeking their registration as a General Practioner. Bronwyn has 25 years of medical work experience and is very familiar with the local community, living in the area and is the Mother of 3 daughters all who have attended Wahroonga schools. Bronwyn’s special interest in Women’s Health, includes all aspects of contraception, fertility planning, antenatal care, postnatal care and menopause. Implanon and Mirena IUD insertion also forms part of Bronwyn’s skill set.
Bronwyn also has an interest in male fertility and gynaecological cancers, including breast cancer and male prostate cancer, working closely with the local specialists.  Further to this Bronwyn manages patients with haemochromatosis via regular therapeutic venesections. We will be offering this service as well as genetic counseling for this condition.

Allergy testing and desensitisation, via both injections and sublingual therapy, is another of Bronwyn’s field of experience this is also a service which will be offered at Wahroonga Village GP.


Piers Graham

Our philosophy is to be foot proactive!!

Piers Graham began his Podiatry journey in 2003. Originally from the country in Southern NSW, Piers has built up experience in all areas of Podiatry.  He has a strong community connection through his position as a Vice President and coach for local winter and summer sporting teams. His special interests in Paediatric and Sports podiatry ties in well with his two young boys playing sport for local teams and attending school in Wahroonga. With strong knowledge of gait assessments and biomechanics of the lower limb, combined with 3D scanning software and a 15 year long relationship with his orthotists, Piers prides himself on being able to provide the best products and care for your individual needs.  During Piers’ professional career he has worked in and alongside local footwear stores to gain an intimate knowledge of footwear. He has also tutored biomechanics for the University of Newcastle Podiatry Department in both the Ourimbah and Callaghan campuses.  Wahroonga Village Podiatry offers a wide range of podiatry services including, diabetic assessments, footwear advice, ingrown nail therapy, paediatric and adult orthotic therapy.